Turnkey investing in Europe’s most

desirable property markets

Summit Venture Partners is a collaboration between three Barcelona- and Hong Kong-based partners with extensive experience in the purchase, refurbishment, sale and rental of European properties, primarily in Spain and Greece. Since 2013, the partnership has provided a platform to leverage its co-founders’ decades of successful experience in real estate and financial investments.

Summit was founded to help satisfy a growing demand for properties in these regions by the founders’ international and domestic clients. Together with its investment partners, Summit acquires and renovates properties for immediate resale  or long-term rental, typically realizing robust returns within 6–8 months.

Our mission

Summit Venture Partners exists to generate significant financial returns for institutional and individual investors through the acquisition, refurbishment and sale of properties in Spain and Greece.

The Summit difference

Motivated buyers are already secured

Most developers don’t have ready customers standing by. They invest in properties, perform construction and upgrades, and then go looking for buyers. Summit is different.

We have a steady, established flow of foreign and domestic buyers eager to purchase high-end properties in Spain and Greece. We typically have more interested buyers than we have available properties to sell them.

This high-demand environment means Summit properties sell quickly once development is complete. That’s also good news for investors, who typically see double-digit returns in six to eight months.

A diverse, experienced team

Generating returns in European real estate requires many different skill sets, from finding desirable properties at below-market rates and making value-generating improvements, to forging relationships with the right buyers. While it’s rare to find all of these skills in one place, Summit brings together three experienced partners whose combined expertise delivers proven results at every stage of the process.

Hassle-free investing in growing markets

Bypass the challenges of investing in some of Europe’s most exciting and up-and-coming regions. Summit Venture Partners has deep experience with the complexities of local regulations and best practices in our investment areas. We’ll manage as much of the process as possible to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Leadership Team

Oriol Molas Sargatal


Oriol has nearly two decades of experience in real estate investment, including leadership, business projects implementation, financial and legal analysis of operations. Over the years he has built a successful career in the international market, primarily in Asia.

He also serves as a legal and financial advisor for foreign investors in the Spanish market, specializing in legal advice related to Spanish residency law.

Krista Victorio


Krista is the principal director of a family office that specializes in seeking, packaging, and managing real estate and other investment opportunities in Spain, Portugal and Greece.

In addition to client-specific asset search and assistance with property management, she also provides counsel and assistance in Spain relating to transfer of funds, bank compliance, establishing a commercial presence, visa processing, residency, transaction structuring, estate and tax planning.

Joaquim Zamacois


As Purchasing Manager of Summit Venture Partners, Joaquim brings global investment experience, endless energy and a healthy ambition for growth.

Since 2014 he has been active in the Engel and Volkers project in Barcelona, where he has built substantial expertise in the Spanish real estate market, specializing in its entry opportunities. In this capacity he has achieved significant sales success, serving as an advisor to more than 200 international investors.

Want to get in touch?

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Our team will be pleased to answer any question you could have. We also take the opportunity to welcome you to Summit Venture Partners.


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